The fake promise of a Dalit CM

Before becoming the Chief Minister himself, KCR had promised to make a Dalit, the first CM of the new state Telangana. However, soon after the electoral win TRS chief has forgot his promise and that was the beginning of the bad days for Scheduled Castes in the state.

SC communities constitute nearly 16 % of the population in Telangana. TRS government earlier made a SC legislator T Rajaiah Deputy CM but dismissed him on the complaints of alleged corruption.

On the other hand except for this, TRS government has done nothing concrete for the welfare of SCs in the state. The Kalyana Lakshmi scheme for the SC girls turned out to be a big scam with officials and middlemen involving in it.

Most of the SC sub plan funds were remained unspent or diverted to the other purposes. It is interesting to know that of the Rs 7,579.45 crores allotted to the SC Sub-Plan for 2014-15, only Rs 2,733.45 crores or 36.06% was spent. Similarly, of the Rs 2,799 crores allocated for SC Welfare, only Rs 1,282 crores or 45.08% was released.

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