Friday, September 25

KCR has forgotten Telangana Martyrs

It is a matter of serious concern that a government which has won the berths in state legislative by chanting slogans in favor of Martyrs but completely ignored the welfare of the Martyr families after coming to power.

TRS government has claimed that its existence was owed to the sacrifice of martyrs for the separate hood, but it has been observed that government’s deeds so far were complete mismatch of its words.

Though a financial assistance of Rs 10 lakhs to 459 families of martyrs was paid in the beginning, the number of martyrs presented by the TRS government at different points of time does not match.

Before elections TRS leaders including Chief Minister KCR have claimed that nearly 2,000 youth had committed suicide during the separate Telangana movement. However, the number of martyrs was cut short to 550 by two years into government.

TRS promised to provide a government job, farm land to the families of martyrs but these promises have been put in a cold storage. Now, government is not even ready to give the exact number of martyrs.

No proper fund was allocated for the welfare of martyrs in the current budget and funds allocated in the previous budgets of 2014-15 and 2015-16 were still remained unspent.

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