KCR has no respect for people: Rahul Gandhi

  • Rahul Gandhi addresses public meetings at Gadwal, Tandur
  • Why Modi and KCR do not attack each other in speeches: RG
  • Modi is having the remote control of Telangana: Congress President

Hyderabad, December 3: Congress president Rahul Gandhi has alleged that caretaker Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has no respect for people of Telangana.

Addressing massive public meetings at Gadwal of Jogulamba Gadwal district and Tandur of Vikarabad district on Monday, Rahul Gandhi referred to the comments made by KCR in his speech at Adilabad wherein he stated that people are not mature enough to elect the right candidates. By saying so, Rahul Gandhi said KCR has insulted the same people who made him the Chief Minister. He said KCR does not have respect for anyone. He demanded that KCR must apologise with the people for making such remarks. Further, he said KCR also owes an apology with farmers, youth and other sections for shattering their dreams of Telangana.

In both the meetings, Rahul Gandhi began his speech by reminding people of the dream they’ve seen for a new State while aspiring for a bright future. “Your dream of having ‘Nellu, Needhulu, Niyamakulu’ (water, funds and jobs) has been broken and you’ve been cheated by KCR. Palamuru Ranga Reddy project, approved by previous Congress regime was of about Rs. 10,000 crore. But TRS Government re-designed it escalate the cost to Rs. 60,000. KCR gave thousands of crores to contractors and his friends. But you did not get the water,” he said.

“We thought that new State of Telangana will show the way to other States. We expected that the first government of new State would take measures to ensure a bright future for youth, farmers and women. But all those dreams were shattered by KCR,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi said KCR had indulged in so much of corruption and irregularities that people have given him a new name – ‘Khao Commission Rao’. With his wrong policies, KCR has pushed a revenue-surplus Telangana State into huge debts of Rs. 2.5 lakh crore. While Telangana had a revenue surplus of Rs. 17,000 Crore at the time of its formation, today every family of Telangana is having a debt burden of about Rs. 2.5 lakh. Surprisingly, he said KCR’s son and caretaker minister K. Tarakarama Rao’s income grew by more than 400% in the last four years.

Expressing concern over rising rate of unemployment in Telangana, Rahul Gandhi said nearly 30 lakh qualified youth were jobless in the State. “How many jobs have been given by KCR in the last four-and-a-half years. Entire Telangana knows that KCR has ruined the careers of lakhs of youth by not delaying the Fee Reimbursement. The original dream was for ‘Bangaru Telangana’ (Golden Telangana). But KCR has transformed it into ‘Bangaru Kutumbam’ (golden family).

The Congress president blamed the TRS Government for suicide by thousands of farmers. He said that the previous UPA-Government brought new laws to protect the lands of farmers and Tribals. However, KCR has either suspended or weakened those laws in Telangana. As per the Central Act, no land was to be taken without the consent of farmers or Adivasis and displaced farmers were entitled for compensation of land up to four times the market value. However, KCR Govt forcibly snatched away those lands. The rights of Tribals on their ‘Jal, Jangal and Zameen’ (water, forest and land) were suspended. Farmers were arrested and chained whey they held protest demanding proper price for their produce, he said.

Rahul Gandhi promised that the Congress-led People’s Front Government would waive off crop loans up to Rs. 2 lakh in a single take. “If Prime Minister Narender Modi could waive off Rs. 3.5 lakh crore of 15 rich businessmen in the country, then the Congress can waive off crop loans of poor farmers,” he said.

Referring to KCR’s comment that he would take rest if TRS party is voted out in next elections, Rahul Gandhi said it would be better for people if KCR takes rest. However, he said KCR would take rest in his Rs. 300 crore palatial bungalow, poor people who were hit due to his broken promises could not rest. “You’ve promised 22 lakh houses and delivered less than 5,000 double bed room units. You did not give 3 acres of land poor Dalit and Girijan families. If you had some respect for people, then you would have constructed promised houses for them and today those people too would have taken some rest,” said.

Rahul Gandhi said if Congress party comes to power, then it would fulfil all those promises. “We will give Rs. 5 lakh for construction of own house. Jobless Youth will be given monthly allowance of Rs. 3,000. Each mandal will get a 30-bedded hospital and people will get free treatment up to Rs. 5 lakh. STs will be reservation in jobs and education in proportionate to their population and the Congress Government would support and pursue the SC categorisation issue,” he said.

He promised that all women Self Help Groups would be given a grant of Rs. 1 lakh each and Rs. 500 crore fund would be earmarked to help women entrepreneurs. “KCR took way your money for his own family and friends. But we will use it to provide you hospitals and education. Those who participated in the statehood agitation will be provided jobs. We will spend 20% of budget on education to establish new colleges, universities and schools..to enable your children grow up in their lives and careers,” he said.

The Congress president said that the Indian politics was witnessing a fight between Congress and its allies with BJP-led alliance. Similarly, in Telangana, Congress-led People’s Front was fighting with TRS, which is a secret ally of BJP and open friend of MIM. Therefore, TRS, BJP and MIM are on one side while Congress, TDP, TJS, CPI and other groups are on another side. “Look at all my speeches. I’ve always attacked Modi, BJP and RSS. Congress party and I did not move back by an inch in fighting against them. But KCR never speaks against Modi because he knows that the Telangana’s remote was in Modi’s control. KCR never dared to speak against anti-people decisions like demonetisation and GST,” he said. “You (KCR) cannot confront Modi because of your corruption,” he said.

Similarly, Rahul Gandhi said Modi attacks him in all his speeches. “He criticise me, makes fun of me and even attack my family. But Modi never speaks anything on KCR because he knows that KCR’s party is not TRS, but it is T-RSS,” he pointed out. Attacking the MIM, Rahul Gandhi said that the MIM had contested the elections in Maharashtra and Assam only to help BJP win. While TRS is the B-Team of BJP, MIM is the C-Team, he said.

He said T-RSS and MIM’s only aim is to ensure continuance of Modi’s rule in Delhi. “TRS and BJP are partners and they were working together. But we will end this partnership in next elections. We will first defeat TRS in Telangana and then we will defeat Modi in Delhi,” he said.

In his brief speeches at Gadwal and Tandur, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President Capt. N. Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress-led People’s Front was all set to win the next elections and would take charge on December 12. He said that the next government would work to fulfil the people’s aspirations in a transparent and accountable manner. He appealed the people to ensure that all candidates of People’s Front win with huge majority of votes.

While speaking at Tandur, Uttam Kumar Reddy promised that Viqarabad would be brought back under Charminar Zone and Viqarabad town would be developed as satellite city. He also promised to construct a by-pass road to reduce pollution being caused due to movement of vehicles of cement factories. He said Tandur Stone industry was badly hit due to GST and the next government would take measures to reduce the GST. He also promised a Government Degree College, upgrading of government hospital, establishment of ESI hospital and construction of Road-over-Bridge and Road-Under-Bridge in old Tandur. He said irrigation facilities would be improved with all farmers getting water for cultivation.

Later in the evening, Rahul Gandhi also addressed corner meetings at Jubilee Hills and Kukatpally.

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