Wednesday, March 3

KCR’s hollow talk on Hyderabad as ‘Global City’

Reiterating that Hyderabad was heart and soul of Telangana, TRS government always pretended to work for the real welfare of it. TRS has always promised to develop the city on part with global standards.

However, TRS leadership has confused the people by its changing statements about Hyderabad. In his earlier days, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao promised to develop Hyderabad on lines of Bangkok and later said he would develop the city like Istanbul.

And for past few months TRS has been advertising that it would transform city into a global destination. In fact Hyderabad has been a global city for past hundreds of years.

Most of the welfare projects that involve the infrastructure development in the city require proper roads, water supply, sanitation, electricity, reforms in the traditional approach of urban management and others.

However, TRS government has ignored all of the above and confined to sloganeering to develop the city. It was more active on this front when GHMC elections were going on but most of its slogans remained silent after municipal elections.

On one hand KCR has promised to develop Hyderabad but shockingly he was up to demolish the heritage structures of the city, to de-water the Hussain Sagar and other measures.

TRS government’s promise of Apna Hyderabad has been a ‘Sapna Hyderabad’ so far.

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