Muslims Are Still Waiting for 12% Reservation

As many other crucial poll promises of the TRS government, the promise of Muslim welfare also remained a myth. When the statehood struggle was going on, Muslims from across Telangana thought that TRS would work for their real welfare, however after two years of TRS rule in the state this promise was proved wrong.

Muslims constitute a considerable size in the population of state. Muslims were happy that a separate state of Telangana would be a great place for them to thrive in terms of not only education and employment but also in political aspect. However, the negligent TRS leadership was never up to welfare of the community.

TRS started neglecting state Muslims from the day it started campaigning for Assembly elections. It deceived the Muslim community while distributing the party tickets. Telangana has various Muslim pockets where Muslim candidates could have won but KCR never wanted to see Muslim elected representatives in the Assembly or any other forum.

On the other hand, in the name of welfare schemes, TRS government has taken few initiatives which now turned out to be scams now. Shaadi Mubarak, Pensions, Paying Moazzins and Imams and few others prove to be lollipop in the hands of Muslims.

Promised to transform the face of Muslim poverty and backwardness, KCR has been dilly dallying on the crucial promise of 12 per cent reservation and others.

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