Number of irrigation projects came up during Congress Rule

In order to cover a larger part of the agriculture land for cultivation and to encompass the drought hit areas under agricultural activity, Congress government had rolled out a comprehensive plan of constructing major and minor irrigation projects across the state.

Several irrigation projects like Pranahitha, Polavaram, Ettipottula and others came up during the congress regime which supplied water for the lakhs of acre of the land for agriculture.

The then Congress government had tried to resolve the disputes over the distribution of Krishna and Godavari waters with neighboring Karnataka and Maharashtra governments to benefit the state projects.

The most popular Jalayagnam policy had made it possible for the Congress government to expedite several irrigation projects in the state for the benefit of people especially farmers.

The projects expedited during the Congress rule still benefiting the state in terms of irrigation and agriculture. By the time most of the projects were yet to be completed, its tenure ended and now TRS attributing the establishment of irrigation projects to itself.

All of the irrigation projects claimed by TRS government as its own were actually either started or halfway completed during the Congress government in the past.

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