Old City Is In The State of Neglect

TRS Government has promised to transform the old city into a heritage city by improving the infrastructure and basic amenities during its tenure. Chief Minister KCR himself made several promises with regard to the old city development.

Contrary to the claims, it took nearly two years for the TRS government to re-initiate the Charminar Pedestrian project that was pending for years due to various reasons.

Major problems of the Old city like education, sanitation, basic amenities, water supply and sewerage system remain the same as those were before the formation of the new state.

On the other hand governmetn has no plan to tackle to socio-economic issues bewildering the residents of Old city for a long. Despite several promises for the development, illegal financiers have been looting the gullible and hapless poor people in the Old city.

Similarly, child marriages, insecure localities, increased rate of crime, joblessness, lack of education, lack of business opportunities still haunt the Old city.

In fact, these traits have become the identification marks of the old localities of the city. Moreover, harassment of land grabbers, land sharks with the political support has been prevailing as it was in the previous.

TRS promised to transform the old city and KCR never leave any opportunity to criticise the previous governments of the state for the backwardness of the Hyderabad but he has done nothing remarkable as per his promises.

He attributes every improper thing to the lack of interest by the previous rulers and there is nothing appreciable that can be attributed to TRS government so far.

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