TRS Govt pushed Health Sector to ICU

Health sector has been on the ventilator in the state. This is the most neglected sector by the TRS government and need to be overlooked and treated with empathy and emergently. Before coming to the power, TRS has promised to strengthen the public sector or government hospitals across the state but we can see that TRS ministers are busy supporting only the corporate sector hospitals.

Government failed to provide the healing touch to the deteriorating government hospitals across the state, rather it intended to demolish and dislodge the old and historic government run hospitals (Ex: Osmania Hospital, Chest Hospital etc,.).

TRS government has tried to snatch away the facility of Arogya Shree scheme launched during the previous Congress regime that has been providing corporate health facilities to thousands of poor families in the state.

Still people have to go through complete bankruptcy if they come across with any serious health issue. For middle class people, getting modest health care facilities are a day dream.

Moreover, the Chief Minister Relief Fund for health care facilities was marred with a severe irregularities and scam. This shows the lack of will of the state government towards strengthening the public health sector.

National Family Health Survey 2015 is the clear indication of state’s lukewarm response to the ill health of the healthcare sector. (Refer:

On the other hand the spending on health care sector was gradually cut from 2014 to 2016 now. This also shows the state government’s least priority for the health sector. KCR had announced to establish corporate style hospitals at every district headquarters but failed to yield on the promises so far.

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