TRS Govt’s Industrial Policy fails to give jobs

If we go back to the time when statehood movement in the region was on its high, we only hear the slogans of ‘Our resources, our jobs and our land’. People of the state, especially educated youth wanted to have plenty of job opportunities and did not want others to snatch this legitimate right of theirs.

The whole statehood movement was concentrated and focused on employment and self rule in its peak time. When the state was successfully bifurcated, Telangana youth heaved a sigh of relief and waited for the opportunities to galore in education and employment. However, after grabbing the power in the state, TRS government has forgot the very important component of the movement despite claiming to spearhead the movement.

The new industrial policy rolled out by the Telangana government is not clear and transparent. Government wanted to give lands, water, resources and other facilities through I-Pass but there is no guarantee of employment to the local youth.

Government has not wished to take any declaration from the foreign companies setting up their outlets, offshore offices or campuses about giving priority to the local youth.

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