TRS is T-RSS and KCR stands for ‘Khao Commission Rao’: Rahul Gandhi

Hyderabad, November 28: Congress party has strongly criticised caretaker CM and TRS president K. Chandrashekhar Rao and MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and accused both of them of helping BJP at the national level. While he described TRS as BJP’s B-Team, he called MIM as the C-Team of Bharatiya Janata Party.

Addressing street corner meetings in Sanathnagar and Nampally Assembly constituencies on Wednesday evening, Rahul Gandhi also accused KCR of transforming Telangana into a hub of corruption. He said KCR stands for ‘Khao Commission Rao’.

Rahul Gandhi today Hyderabad was known globally due to the contribution made by previous Congress and TDP. He said though TDP and Congress were rivals in previous years, Hyderabad prospered and achieved international recognition only because of these two parties. He said former US President Barack Obama had once stated that only China and India could compete with the US. If India is among the two nations which are capable of competing with a super power, then it is all because of the contribution of cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The Congress president said that Hyderabad was not an ordinary city. “Hyderabad does not belong to an individual, one caste or one religion. It belongs to everyone. Its doors are open for all. People in Hyderabad live with love and brotherhood and they work together for its growth. If today Hyderabad is successful and famous, it is only because of brotherhood and unity,” he said. However, he said Prime Minister Narender Modi was trying to break that unity. “Wherever Modi goes, he talks ill of others. He creates a divide between people by making one religion or State fight with another. He only spread hatred,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi said when TDP President Chandrababu Naidu lost elections in 2004, he had directed his party men not to criticise him as he has done great work for Hyderabad and the State. We had accepted the truth and reality. Though were in opposition, we had respect for each other. “The process of growth in Hyderabad has stopped ever since TRS came to power. KCR has failed to work for Hyderabad the way it should have been,” he said adding that roads, water and other amenities were neglected as all the resources of Telangana were going to one family of KCR.

Pointing at the flags of Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI at the meeting venues, Rahul Gandhi said those flags symbolises the voice of Telangana. “Next government of People’s Front will be of Telangana people and not one family,” he said.

The Congress president said that the previous TDP and Congress regimes always protected the democratic institutions. However, PM Modi has been attacking all the institutions like Supreme Court, RBI, CBI and Election Commission. For the first time in history, four judges of the Supreme Court went to the media alleging that they were not being allowed to work. He said BJP President Amit Shah’s name surfaced in the murder case of Justice Lohia and four judges also made a mention of Lohia’s case. He said CBI director was removed at 2 am in the night as he wanted to probe Rafale scam. He said Modi has been destroying institutions by appointing RSS people.

“These days PM Modi is not speaking about jobs, farmers or corruption. Because Modi himself is involved in the biggest corruption of Rafale deal,” he said while giving details of how Modi benefitted businessman Anil Ambani to the tune of Rs. 30,000 crore by giving him the Rafale contract. He said if Rafale contract was given to HAL, then it would have created jobs for the local youth of Hyderabad and Bangalore. “Modi snatched the jobs from youth and gave the contract and your money to Ambani,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi recalled that in 2014 elections Modi used to say ‘Achche Din’ and people use to say ‘Aayenge’. Stating that the slogan has now changed, he shouted ‘Chowkidar’ and the audiences responded by saying ‘Chor Hai’. He said TRS chief and Telangana CM KCR was supporting the same ‘chowkidar’. He said KCR has supported Modi in moves like demonitisation, GST and in elections for President and Vice President of India. “I’ve a question for KCR. Why have you not challenged Modi? Why you supported Modi in all the Bills in the Paliarment? It is because, you are B-Team of Modi and RSS. It is not Telangana Rashtra Samithi, but Telangana Rashtra Sangh Parivar,” he said.

He modified the mocked abbreviation of TRS further while addressing a meeting at Nampally and said one ‘S’ was missing from it. He said TRS should actually be T-RSS (Telangana RSS). For this reason, he said KCR wants Modi to remain PM. Similarly, he said MIM has been helping Modi win elections by fielding its candidates in States like Maharashtra.

Rahul Gandhi said that the People’s Front was all set to come to power in Telangana and its next target would be defeat Modi at the Centre. He promised that the next government would create jobs and waive off crop loans and fulfil the original dream of Telangana.

He said the condition of roads in Hyderabad was pathetic and unemployment rate was very high. He said both Modi and KCR have cheated Hyderabad. KCR’s focus was on corruption and commissions. He said KCR family indulged in huge corruption in the name of re-designing of projects. Therefore, he said KCR today stands for ‘Khao Commission Rao’. Wherever he goes, he takes commission, he alleged.

Rahul Gandhi said that the Assembly elections in Telangana and other four States were semi-final of General Elections to be held in 2019. First we will defeat BJP’s B-Team TRS and C-Team MIM and then we will defeat A-Team in Delhi.

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