Villages lacking basic amenities

In the name of rural development, TRS government has created several terminologies but nothing concrete was done so far. Mana Vuru Mana Pranalika, Mana Vuru Mana Cheruvu and others are mere slogans.

Mission Kakatiya was in headlines for large scale irregularities and corruption. Except few works under Mission Kakatiya, TRS government has done nothing earth shaking in rural Telangana.

Most of the rural areas have been reeling under severe water crisis and drought. Water supply and electricity has been a day dream in most of the rural areas.

Infrastructure development remained a big challenge. TRS claimed that it has a surplus budget of thousands of crores but has ignored the rural Telangana after coming to power despite the fact that the statehood movement was largely supported by the rural population.

TRS government has been engaging itself in introducing schemes and projects concentrating urban centres and ignoring the rural side. Transport, infrastructure, education, water supply, electricity and other basics are still not as good as promised by the government.

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