When will 12% ST Reservation become a reality?

The population of Scheduled Tribes (ST) communities in Telangana stands at nearly 12 % as per the State government records. State government has been promising to give a facelift to the community’s weak socio-economic condition.

It has also promised to provide 12 % reservations on the basis of backwardness and poverty. However, most of the promises made to the ST communities languishing around just like in case of promises to the Muslims in state.

ST communities have staged several dharnas, organized rallies and protest programs to pressurise the state government over the implementation of poll promises made for them but in vain.

TRS has not given a due share to STs in dispensing party tickets during the election and the cabinet also lack any ST candidate.

TRS promised to resolve the long pending issues of Tribal communities and to save the exclusive tribal culture in the state but has not allocated sufficient funds in this regard.

Most of the tribal hamlets across the state has been reeling under various problems like, livelihood, poor agriculture, lack of education, landlessness, lack of health care, lack of basic amenities and others.

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